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Retain and Upsell Current Customers

Your relationship with your customers should not end after they have made a purchase, this is only the beginning. Turn existing customers into your biggest fans and encourage repeat purchases with these Drip Marketing campaigns.

Word of Mouth
The strongest and most credible marketing force is your customer’s recommendation; don’t let them forget about you. By keeping in contact with your customers and strengthening your relationship with them, you are reminding them why they purchased a product from you. The more you strengthen that relationship, the more likely your current customers are to tell others about how great your product and your company is.

Customer Satisfaction
Not only do these Drip Marketing campaigns help you create positive word of mouth, but they can also help save you from negative word of mouth with the use of Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Simply link a customer satisfaction survey to a follow-up E-mail and have your survey results uploaded into your ACT! database. Then transfer your dissatisfied customers into a new Drip marketing campaign with a Call List to follow-up and try to save your relationship with them.

Advanced Tip
Be sure not to try to upsell your customers right away. Manage your relationship with them first, then offer them thoughtful insights into what you think they would like.

Basic Example

E-mail 1 – Thank you for Purchasing

E-mail 2 – You made the Right Choice

E-mail 3 – Customer Satisfaction Survey

E-mail 4 – upsell Offer

Call List – Based on Contact interaction with E-mail 4

Now Do It!

  1. Go back to ACT!
  2. Click on the Sage E-marketing icon on your toolbar
  3. Click the Drip Marketing tab
  4. Click Campaign Manager to create a new campaign
  5. Click New Campaign
  6. Fill in required fields and select type of campaign
  7. Start adding Stages

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