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Use Call Lists to Score Contacts

Marketing Results
There are various useful tools in the Marketing Results Tab that give you instant insight into the life of your contact. Marketing Results allows you to:

One of the greatest tools in the Marketing Results window is the Call List. After you’ve sent your E-mail blast you can now determine which respondents are the hottest leads and should be called right away to follow-up. You can also determine your Call List based off of previously entered information in ACT! such as your contact score or status. Once you’ve determined your scoring parameters, you can sync your online Call List to ACT!.

Advanced Tip
A Call List can also be assigned to a different user. This is useful for managers to determine the value of contacts before assigning to the sales staff.

Now Do It!

  1. Go back to ACT!
  2. Click the Marketing Results tab
  3. Click Call List
  4. Select Call List from the drop down menu
  5. Start calling and close sales!

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