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Surveys and Web Forms

Collect Information
Whether you need to build your contact list, learn what your contacts like, or who will be attending your next event, the survey tool allows you to both create simple surveys that will gather any type of data you need and integrate that data into your ACT! database.

Update Your List
Surveys and web forms are a great way to keep your ACT! database current and full. Simply link from inside an E-mail to a List Updater Survey and ask your customers to fill in the information. This is a great way to automate registration for an event or demo, determine your contacts’ preferences or gauge your customers’ satisfaction. Consider the endless possibilities with a tool that allows you to ask your contacts specific questions so that you can better cater your sales and marketing efforts to their needs.
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Grow Your List
Consider a survey or web form that is placed on your website for visitors to voluntarily fill out.  Once the survey is completed and the user presses Submit, the data is taken into ACT! and a new contact is created. These List Builder surveys help you gather new, interested contacts to keep your database growing. This is an easy way to gain truly interested contacts without any effort from you.
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