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Drip Marketing

Automatic Delivery
Drip Marketing allows for you to create multi-step marketing plans and then drop segmented contacts into a campaign specific to their preferences. You can create a Drip Marketing campaign with E-mail, Call Lists, Postcards and more, for delivery over time without any intervention from you. You just let your campaign run without worrying if and when your marketing messages are delivered.

Conditional Actions
Drip Marketing blends the simple functionality, such as the ability to automatically send a sequence of marketing messages to a contact who fills out a form on your website, with intelligent technology that will send different messages to contacts based on their previous actions. For example, send a postcard to those that did not open the previous E-mail – automatically!

Anchor, Calendar or Duration
There are three types of Drip Marketing campaigns that differ based on the way the stages of the campaign are sequenced.

And the best part, all of this is done automatically.

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