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Drip Marketing Group Sync

Many ACT! users sort their contacts by ACT! Groups. Therefore ACT! Groups provide an easy way to maintain the contacts in your Drip Marketing campaigns. Using “Group Sync” ensures that the contacts in your ACT! Group are always in your Drip Marketing campaign.

Drip Marketing “Group Sync” is a powerful feature that allows you to keep exactly the same contacts in your Drip Marketing campaign as are in your ACT! Group.

For example, you may have a “Dynamic Group” in ACT! that is always changing. If you want to market to this group and only this group, then using Group Sync will ensure that your Drip Marketing Campaign only contains these contacts.

Clicking “Next” allows Swiftpage to compare the contacts in your ACT! Group to the contacts that are currently in the online Drip Marketing Campaign. When the comparison is finished, Swiftpage shows you how many contacts “Matched”, are “New” and are “Missing”.


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