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Swiftpage Call List

The Swiftpage Call List gives you insight into who your most interested contacts are. While your recipients open and click on your templates, Swiftpage assigns a score to each recipient based on their interaction with your email messages – giving you a ranked, qualified list of who you should call first.

Swiftpage Call List Benefits

Swiftpage Call List in the Snapshot tab in ACT!

The Swiftpage Call List can be viewed on a per contact basis with the Marketing Results tab in ACT!. As each contact in the Call List is displayed individually, you can leverage the data ACT! provides paired with the data the Marketing Results tab contains to close more business. Once you have made your call, simply select the next contact in the call list and the ACT! data for that contact will be displayed. Create ACT! groups and look ups from your Call List data for further targeted follow up messaging.

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